DIY Your Valentine’s Day On a Budget

DIY Your Valentine’s Day On a Budget

Love is priceless… Except on that one day a year, when you are expected to fork over two week’s worth of grocery budget on pointless and ephemeral things like roses, candy, stuffy dinners, geeky greeting cards, expensive new outfit to look stellar for a few hours, and a fancy gift to impress your date, a.k.a Valentine’s Day!

The average consumer in U.S. is expected to spend $136.57 on holiday merchandise and services (Source: USA Today, 2017), not to mention – endure poor (often rude) service, long wait times, elbow-to-elbow cramming in the town’s hot spots, and overall dissatisfaction from having to invest that much cash in one evening.

We at Worthy think there are better, more creative ways to celebrate and make someone feel special without dropping a fortune. Here is how:

  1. Skip the flowers. Give a plant instead. Succulents make an awesome gift for any space (home or office) and cost just a few dollars, verses $30+ you spend on a bouquet of fancy roses that wilt a few days later. Alternatively, an orchid purchased from a local nursery/green market will run you less than $20 and make your date smile for the entire year.
  2. Art of Dinner: Cooking together at home can be a fun and exciting experience. Pick an easy recipe that doesn’t take more than 30 min of prep time, but allows you to be playful and innovative. Our suggestion: make your own pizzas! You can shape them into hearts and adorn with colorful veggies to add some personality, plus profess your love with cutting letters from the strings of cheese.
  3. Get Crafty: Get some painting supplies at a nearby art store and spend the evening submerged in making art while sharing a good conversation over some wine. Or look up a painting class nearby for their special Valentine’s Day offer, and bring your own drinks and snacks to share.
  4. Gift an experience. Does she really need another jewelry set? Would another gadget convey your love for him? Instead of buying “things” for each other, plan an experience that you can share together. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either – a couples message, picnic at a park, show tickets all make good gifts on a budget that allow you to spend more time with each other.


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Tell us how you are getting creative with your Valentine’s Day this year.